Queensland Fertility Group

Dr David Molloy is Clinical Director of the Queensland Fertility Group, Queensland’s largest network of fertility clinics, and one of Australia’s leading fertility, IVF and total women’s health centres.

Queensland Fertility GroupThe Queensland Fertility Group team has been responsible for more than 14,000 successful pregnancies, with one of the highest pregnancy rates in Australia. It includes many of the state’s most experienced and highly regarded obstetricians and gynaecologists.

“Our IVF pregnancy rate for patients under 35 years of age is above 47%*, and we’re recognised as one of the world’s leading IVF units.”

We have been at the forefront of infertility for more than 24 years, pioneering new reproductive procedures and achieving many fertility treatment firsts in Queensland including:

  • the first IVF baby in 1983,
  • the first pregnancy from embryo freezing in 1986, and
  • the first pregnancy from egg freezing in 2005.

Today, the Queensland Fertility Group is the largest and most experienced IVF clinic in Queensland with 36 doctors, over 30 scientists and a team of counsellors, psychologists, nurses and administration staff. We have clinics in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and on the Gold Coast.

Our experienced doctors perform many treatment cycles eachyear and we offer our patients the convenience and comfort of a purpose built day hospital.

Our team work together toward the goal of providing successful medical treatment and support for people who are experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant. We are committed to caring, compassionate and individual patient care.

“Unlike many clinics, at QFG your doctor of choice will manage your personalised program from your first consultation to your pregnancy.”

Our innovative and successful approach to IVF and associated procedures ensures that patients are now having fewer treatment cycles. This means less stress, lower costs and reduced physical impact for our patients.

QFG offers you:

  • Queensland most experienced and successful IVF and infertility clinic
  • Egg freezing with the highest pregnancy success rate in Australia
  • The largest donor semen bank in Queensland for all women
  • Bulk-billed in-house pathology service for blood and chromosomal testing
  • Our own genetics laboratory for testing and genetics advice

When you choose fertility treatment with QFG you choose medical excellence, personalised patient care, experience and success.

*2006 Brisbane results >1000 cases, age 25 34 years- need more recent results