Endometriosis Treatment Conclusion

“When you read through my notes here on endometriosis, it’s important to understand that we focus on an individual approach to every patient’s treatment. Your treatment plan will depend on the severity of your endometriosis and the systems you experience.” Dr David Molloy

Endometriosis is often a chronic disease, and thorough discussions to ensure a good level of patient understanding is essential. It’s important to assess your level of symptoms, your desire to have children in the future, as well as your social and occupational needs.

Endometriosis and fertility

Some patients with endometriosis will have increasing fertility problems. Fortunately, the results of assisted reproduction (such as IVF) after treatment for endometriosis are very good.

Most patients with endometriosis, even if they have an initial problem with their fertility, end up becoming pregnant after adequate and carefully monitored treatment. Some will require a higher level of technology to achieve a pregnancy, such as IVF or GIFT. Whilst pregnancy is not a complete and definitive cure for endometriosis, the combination of pregnancy and breastfeeding significantly slows down the course of the disease – and may even get rid of it entirely.

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These notes have been designed to provide information for patients who have recently had endometriosis diagnosed and are seeking more information. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any aspect of your problem and ask for further information. Any comments on these notes which you think may be of assistance are also welcome.

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